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Last night’s the night I walked across the sky

To the valley of the 4000 meter range

My jaw dropped, my eyes glistened

I stood for hours in fascination

What a holiday on the shore

Of Lake Brienz and Thun


The view of the giants lay

In my sight, within reach

I saw Eiger, I saw Monch, I saw Jungfrau

The crest of three peaks

Jutting from the body, jutting from the Alps

I didn’t need to breathe, I was fixed in scenery 


The world was spinning

I was standing still

Singing I need to stay

The traveler’s blues

Don’t yet turn the page

I met her on the train

We talked for hours, the night wound down

Oh I wish I could keep, keeping on

In Wengen, in Murren, anywhere with her charm

The lakes and this mountain range


Ohh miss, where’d your eyes get that gentle touch

I’m amazed by your beauty

You’ve got the hair of a horse’s mane

Did you descend from heavens

Were you made by the same

That made this breath taking mountain range

These pleasant views

You make me wonder where I call home


“Thank you herr, I’m humbled by your compliments

I’m no angel from the heavens above

I’ll let you know that I call here home

I’m not from dreams, I stand the same

I’m so grateful for these lakes and the mountain range as well”


“Life here is the like

Of across that over there lake

It can be easy, it can be tough

I’ve put in years, had smiles

I’ve also cried many tears

I wear it in my heart

With pride right on my sleeve

Applaud and bleed this place of mountains and lakes

My pockets are filled deep with memories and views

From the Jungfrau, the Bernese Alps


I knew I’d find peace here

If I walked east across the seas

You speak as lovely as you look

Are an essential piece of the landscape

You’re so genuine, I’ll remember you

As the snowflakes

Don’t melt away, keep doing fine

You, the lakes, and the mountains

I’ll be back someday soon

To the Jungfrau

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