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Today the fire kings are marching

To change the tiresome trials

Igniting minds with love

At the touch of a thought

With light from the clouds above

At the drop of the rain, never tiring

They’re dripping flames

Shooting showers of stars

Glowing lightning bolts

By way of their fervor staffs

Lighting the air afire

The skies shine florescent yellow and orange

Red as dawn, dark no more

All are jumping aboard with no trivial denial

Chanting it’s about time 


Ignis Rexes

Cast me a fire

Make diamonds from sand


Ignis Rexes

Show my desires

Throw flames from your hand


Because of yesterday

The valiant fire kings have come

Burning the smudged out bland

They craft a breathe of space

For room to move on, grow on

Preserve the stirring

All is not bad from yesterday

The bonfire of alteration glows

They’re lighting the iniquity within their path

Throwing cultural flames

The fire kings flawlessly shape by hand 

Cause yesterday has brought today

Unveiling fires un-evil ways

And tomorrow will be wicked

Delicacies produced from the heat


Ignis Rexes

Show my desires

Throw flames from your hand


Ignis Rexes

Cast me a fire

Make diamonds from sand


The fire is alive in the night as its day

The flames are exposing the world

Radiating mountain high, acre wide 

Inside everyone’s mind

Destroying the mind numbing ways

Replacing with beauty brought by fire

Napalm ball, a nature and cultural bomb

Spinning scorching hot flames

Flotsam and jetsam are caught

In the fire king’s fiery web

A maze of destruction for construction

Explosive arrows shot by wooden bow

Ab igne ignem

We’ll reap what they sow

No worries, the rays from the blaze

Feel awfully grand today

Igne natura renovatur integra

It will be right when the smoke haze fades away 


Ignis Rexes

Keep spreading the fire

Across the continents and seas


Ignis Rexes

Give me that fire

Cause the world is getting drier

Make a canvas to repaint the land


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