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Everyday I converse
With natives and foreigners
Today I saw a Hearse
While I toke the smoke
From a cigar
A mom was stoked
Her newborn was delivered
And that kid’s going to make it far
Everest, he’ll be Sherpa hard
It’s sad some are
Lemmings, lemons like cars
And that life’s not the like of golf
Who, ever shoots for under par
I know I grew up
Sleeping below glow – in – the – dark stars
Next to a dream catcher
So I could finger pick
Nightmares when I wanted a scare
Candles lit with wavering wicks
I learned it’s hard to beat a hare
Unless you’re a tortoise
Moving along to a slow and steady noise
Cause there are accidental collisions
Intersections of missions
Girls and boys
There is light and dark
Diamonds and hearts
Whispers or rhetoric
A divided world
Life, it’s all poetic


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