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Daily Archives: September 17th, 2010

Don’t put this on the radio just yet
‘Cause the beat’ll detonate after 5 secs
Hittin every pool top deck
‘N I’m not ready for the cement to dry off
I want to keep it wet
Got so much more to write about
Sooo many tales of success and regret
Riches and between me and you my soul’s got this debt
I owe you one but I want to fulfill a set
‘N I ain’t gonna lie
We won’t be there to clean up a nuclear mess
Don’t stress, everyday I’m in the lab basement
KJT is mixing beats & I’m on the rhymes
Cooking up something more nicotine than meth
Mine’ll get you feeling like you can fly
The latter, a ladder to death
Follow the line of letters and words between breaths
‘N I’m fine driving down my own road
I don’t wanna personal jet
Why a mansion, when I love this shed
I don’t have a Queen for this King Size Bed
It’s a New Era and I heard about the bends
All the messages that’ll be addressed don’t push send
Don’t put this on the radio just yet
I’m not ready to pop the champagne yet
Don’t put this on the radio yet