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Daily Archives: October 17th, 2010

I remember when I’d have to keep a bed next to my fountain pen just in case I ran out of ink or lead but “I’m tired” never was a thought running through my head


Here it seems the energy flows in the glass
Intensity reverbs on the streets and on the railroad tracks
Reflections – we all write a story in the concrete
Between history – footprints mismatched – sidewalk cracks
Sign it in sweat and blood – I’m mpc – I’m beat
In here dark enters quicker than afar – ticks earlier on the clock – zero block is venti tall
Waves roll in – out; Lions, tigers and bears, animal style
Survival of the wittiest, survival beyond the critics
Working just South of the division of it – and North
Ask a person, answers and reactions so up and down bounce the ball
Opposite of wood and bricks – so far off the wall
And in a parade there are folks full of despair and joy
When and where hearts and minds are crashin
A kid doesn’t always walk away liking his Happy Meal toy
In repair for more, with mind and heart – attackin
Words of what I drink – think – say are like the sun and its rays
Target audience all the men, women, girls and boys
Volume on max sitting back relaxin – all out then lounging is my fashion
Long, bright nights the moon is waxin
Awake to a day waning away, cool turns to taxes
Auditing new numbers that flow in query
Separating home from business, mobile from faxes
Everyone needs a Queen, even Dairy
I got all these ideas for things – they flowing out my diary…