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Daily Archives: November 1st, 2010

I’m lying down in my bed
Pisces in prone, on my way through dark crawling to space
While life is spinning 3-D-1-0, 360 in my head
I was running late so I sped, mirror of slow mo
The policeman said search and spread, mayo
Here’s a ticket, get on your way, next time use Fadango
And I’m like I just got paid, dang yo
Now the juice is rolling, mango
No money no mo, change – o
Again, 9 times lives like Jango
My mind is a thoroughbred
Or is it fiction instead
More dreams better yet
That Pacmans all the letters of ink and lead
Endless scrabble as a maze
Of building blocks on the rise, jenga
I write all these crazy thoughts down
Making this pad of paper drown
NES Ground pound under the crown
Letters scramble around
Don’t got a second for a frown
Been a minute since I thought I was out
I always hitting the town
Like the beat to the sound
Call my past Boulevard
Cause I’m like a bull stomping through car after car
Rounding home then on the pitcher’s mound
Rounded well, hitting all the spots of the world
Journey of the depths and apex
A cultural mural on my wall
Like Lennon yet alive like Paul
Vibrant bright and soothing dull
All powerful, nahhh
Humbled by the autumn
Shit I love a good fall
Against the odds all on my own
Like MJ and LBJ love that game
It’s not about the ball
I never fit in when I was MIA
Got to protect the nest
With creativity and training without rest
I’m on a boat and I fold
Winning without a fight gets old
Got to break the mold, it’s hard when it’s stone
Staying to my roots, going bold
How it goes, I share my thoughts
So when it comes it’ll be told

Meet barley & birch! They’re keeping kids dressed “cool” while also supporting the planet. Birch Love Da Kids!

Here’s a snippet about their planet protection skills..

“Environmentally, we decided to make every single facet of the line carbon neutral. Not only do we offset any emissions created by production and shipping, but we work with manufacturers and suppliers that are largely powered by solar energy. We chose only certified organic cotton and water-based inks, so we do not pollute the air and water with chemicals. We are made in the United States, so we do not emit the massive amount of carbon associated with trans-ocean shipping. We are largely paper-free and any paper involved with the line is 100% post-consumer recycled. Essentially, we chose to go beyond the level of convenience to be fair to our planet and to our customers.

Socially, we give at least 15% of our profits to a variety of organizations working all over the world to improve the lives of others. We fund everything from educating rural farmers on sustainable agriculture to providing shelter to victims of abuse. We are proud to aid in the growth of justice and equality throughout the world.”

“The guys who built Burnside had a vision. They were madmen, kinda mental upstairs. It’s always those crazy people who are a bit out of their brains that make things happen.”

— Chet Childress [In reference to the people that helped build Burnside skate park in Portland]