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I’m lying down in my bed
Pisces in prone, on my way through dark crawling to space
While life is spinning 3-D-1-0, 360 in my head
I was running late so I sped, mirror of slow mo
The policeman said search and spread, mayo
Here’s a ticket, get on your way, next time use Fadango
And I’m like I just got paid, dang yo
Now the juice is rolling, mango
No money no mo, change – o
Again, 9 times lives like Jango
My mind is a thoroughbred
Or is it fiction instead
More dreams better yet
That Pacmans all the letters of ink and lead
Endless scrabble as a maze
Of building blocks on the rise, jenga
I write all these crazy thoughts down
Making this pad of paper drown
NES Ground pound under the crown
Letters scramble around
Don’t got a second for a frown
Been a minute since I thought I was out
I always hitting the town
Like the beat to the sound
Call my past Boulevard
Cause I’m like a bull stomping through car after car
Rounding home then on the pitcher’s mound
Rounded well, hitting all the spots of the world
Journey of the depths and apex
A cultural mural on my wall
Like Lennon yet alive like Paul
Vibrant bright and soothing dull
All powerful, nahhh
Humbled by the autumn
Shit I love a good fall
Against the odds all on my own
Like MJ and LBJ love that game
It’s not about the ball
I never fit in when I was MIA
Got to protect the nest
With creativity and training without rest
I’m on a boat and I fold
Winning without a fight gets old
Got to break the mold, it’s hard when it’s stone
Staying to my roots, going bold
How it goes, I share my thoughts
So when it comes it’ll be told


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