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Daily Archives: November 2nd, 2010

Let’s get some things straight
It’s not easy to be simple, but simple to hate
I sit and I listen to these politicians banter
None of them listen to our youth, because to them, we really don’t matter
Our voices are too weak to be heard up on Capitol Hill
Our fists in the air are sprung like we all just swallowed that blue pill
There are things in this world greater than wasting all this time and money
Fighting over school levy
New Orleans would still be afloat if they would have better levy
Our youth needs to have a voice
We need to not follow our parents minds, yet create our own
Dare cross those imaginary lines
But let’s do it with wit
You are smarter than you think
Break these barriers down and stop clicking on the facebook links
The youth cry to let our cause be heard
Let’s stand up with open mouths with those fine tuned words
Trust in our individuality
Trust in our simplicity
Our simplicity to see the good
Our hands greased from corporations while others starve for food
Let the youth’s voices be accounted for
One voice might be that soldier not wanting to go on his 3rd tour
Let his voice reign above the clouds and like the rain, pour