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Daily Archives: November 15th, 2010


Maybe I’m crazy when I say this PC ain’t my kind of Special K

It’s not what I’m made of but right now the more zeros are making me stay

I’m not saying every day I sob where I sit but this ain’t the way I want weeks to FF away

Always rolling on play – ready for tomorrow is my motto, a seven day warrior, I don’t need to hit the lotto

On the runway I’m ready to go – so – I slip on the jet blacks – PF Flyer back ‘round to the previous track

Retro for Rewind – everyone’s rocking that Betty Phant hat – inside out as a rally cap

I’m Peter Pan hooked on life, seeing the signs backwards – Run Home Jack – the status quo needs a re-rack

Like every now and then it rains, the top falls from the skies to the drain

I’ve been there before – I feel their pain – from not a cloud above my head to a hurricane

I.E. when I moved downtown – I opened up – to expand thought with loving intent

But my girl went from close, to gone with the wind – I haven’t seen her again

So I call this town Chica. Go. she done split – I feel it from my neck to my shin – splints – tingling in my toes

Riding in rain without a fender – the United Center felt the confidence denter

Tough times are hard to render – as the heart grows tender

I’ll always keep my step even under de – feat – going  forward

Dodging bland minds and mortar

To what my eyes are looking toward

And beyond