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Daily Archives: January 2nd, 2011

I don’t always fit in

So I’m whistling while I march fifteenth

With a snap – back hat with shaggy hair beneath

Snap – back to the future

The holidays are long gone

Twenty-Ten was fine – as Oh-Nine

I’m thinking Eleven will be a replay like a song

On my iPod that iDied – it was fried

I’ve let my mind ride

And the time has flown by

At the speed of light

Good thing it was like Friday – tight

Like the price – it was right

Like He-Man – I got that might

And aviators – flight

To places – so sweet is the height

And I’m a kite

Into the space in between – I’m out of sight

Honey a la mode – I’m taking a bite

Werewolf taking down the nights

See ya later if you’re not blinded by the light

Like the last twenty five – twenty one one is gonna be bright