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Daily Archives: January 29th, 2011

Dang – I need a rest – I’m tired to death
A kid with asthma – I’m outta breath
All ’cause yesterday I thought I was bored with the world
I wrote a list of tens of thousands of things
My wildest dreams – plundering for pearls and gold – more than I could hold
Diamonds the size that don’t fit on rings – cooler than ice cold
I wrecked it in seconds – even went for seconds – checked the list off – not to mention
I knocked it out in the first round like it was a set of ten – bowling pins
Tyson like Bo knows what I’m saying – can’t predict the ends
‘Cause today I got up too fast
like Radio so loud in the Head
dizziest I’ve ever been I got the bends
And tomorrow I’m sleeping in past
the calls like my phone is dead
ignoring those crows the rooster perched on the fence sends
When I wake I’ll put on my black framed lens
With the memories of the past – I’m moving on in present tense

the past is dust and the present is enough
the past is dust and the present is enough – for me…
c’est la vie.

When I woke I drew the blinds

I saw trees framing the sun and birds in the blue sky

Good morning

What today am I gonna find

If it’s nothing I’ll be fine

All I can say is I enjoyed the time

Goodbye to the Northstar

Never again am I waiting in that line

I’ve got my own Mars – I’m pointing to the direction

‘Cause when I look into Lake Louise

I want to like the reflection