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We fought like Lost Boys and Braves
With our backs up against Everest
To get our voices out of the Caves
We had a purpose and quest
But now we escape
From any speaking moment
Sending smoke signals
Behind fireworks and parades
Texting is the new way
Call it atonement
Bumps in the road with holes in the pavement
Got a loan – wish I had a payment
Can’t believe the cost of the show
My mind escapes in entertainment
Island hopping like Blow
Didn’t care what A P Y meant
I’m gonna go for the night ’cause I just got a new job
Slamming home a Kidd lob
Hitting green lights on the statement
It’s all about
what have you done for me lately
Thanks for turning the knob
White Russian with Baileys
The monsters inside feeling very fond
When I wake – I’ll remember – vaguely
Here’s to now in time
Cheers to everyone who hate me


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