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DCA got a lot on the brain
Staying cool and calm
In the winds of a Hurricane
Altering the shorelines on my palm
Until they run as the tides
Aligning with the mountains and sea
The moon and the stars
Till the day I fall
I’m stepping out of the box in a New Era
Flo, N-Y on the Slip
Jeans and long sleeve extra crisp
Extra Crisp
Slight bend on the bill
Seven – Five – Eighths on my watch
On my watch
In the night crazy late
Tall Chuck T’s
Stepping on hi-tops – of hills
Rewind and flip – to hit bottom
Rock life on and on and on – overkill
All about the Second-long trips
Flying overdreams
Overseas, Manhattan bound as it hits our lips
Makers on a mission, don’t be bitter
Y’all missed the ship
Enjoy the orange sliver
Stir the night into hip
Following little thoughts on twitter
Running on and on and on this world wheel like critter
Nothing in moderation – it’s hard to just sip
Not hiding from the real
I’m ready For the Infrared Eclipse


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