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Daily Archives: March 2nd, 2011


(2nd Image) The Brooklyn Betty BlueByrd Cap will be released mid to late April

Origin of design: Inspired winter 2010/2011. Two meanings on this sheet…Bluebird Powder Day (skiing / snowboarding; blue sky day after loads of snow) / Powder Outage / Powder to the People; as well as Bluebyrd of Happyness – ain’t shit keeping this bluebird from flying – not even the winter.

Color Scheme: Liked the idea of a two toned hat so used sky blue for behind logo so logo would stand out / pop out but thought a hat of all sky blue would be too much. Thought the royal blue back that matched the blue in the logo would be killer sweet. Black Bill looks good with the two other lighter colors – sky blue wouldn’t quite do it and royal would have looked silly..maybe. Kelly Green underbill gives it liveliness, kind of classic too (old school new era style). Betty in white is just a necessary now with branding on the hats – got to pop out and black would be faded. Black New Era flag.. we want the recognition a New Era hat brings but we don’t want that shit stealing the show – can’t let it pop out too much. Black eyelets provide balance. Overall Forest is a genius, turning my original ideas into unreal productions while also making complimentary additions.

Raised Embroidery: Think the snow on top of the bird being raised would give the logo the best 3D look. Makes it look like bluebird is caked in snow – there’s not much of a better feeling, as a skier and/or snowboarder, than seeing trees with some snow cakes when you wake up in the morning.

Hope y’all dig!