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Call me Adam Cause I’m lookin to get Even
Bit the apple, Did I do that – Urkel, Stephen
Glasses Four Eyes – wish me luck
Cloves with four leaves – ‘n
There’s this girl – she’s why I’m breathing
Long Blond hair, eyes got me dreaming
I’d like to know her like all 12
Of her Disciples
If not I’d be heading west like Fievel
To find something delightful
Make my life full
Filled like Stuffed Chicago Pizza
You can’t have my soul – Grim Reaper
Ever since March 15th I’ve been
Watch’n my back – have you heard of Caesar
Ides of March
Eyes on the goal while I parallel park
Chips, Salsa & Gauc
I want a girl all natur – al
Got me spun pouring a Margarita
I love this senorita
Like back in childhood
Living the life
We’re in the basement
What we do
Don’t tell the queen


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