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Daily Archives: March 22nd, 2011

Everything is looking a little grey
Selling out of lemonade
Isn’t worth getting paid
Got to make a stand
Be the light at the end of a tunnel
In the distance of a reaching hand
Years later people will follow in a parade
Land spinning ’round like fan
Keep going to the glory thru the pain
Become the drive behind the Steps of a Marching Band
An icon & a name – for a day
Won’t wash away like water over sand
‘Cause y’all know Legends never fade
Got to make a stand
Got to make a stand
Got to make a stand


Leaders vs. Leaders
I’m tired of the infinite round fight
About money in the meter
Everything could be bright
War in every theater
Gunfire lights up the night
Infamous will be the reaper
The Left and Right
Guilty is the reader
He & she stayed out of sight.