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Monthly Archives: May 2011

And scissors kiss the ribbon
call it the beginning.
don’t care if in the means i will fall
as long as i’m not a minion.
holes burning through the shoes all raw
mile after mile in the end we’re grinning.

break hypnosis – the mission.

First Batch of 50 — Each Individually Screen Printed by Hand — Each May Have Minor Imperfections / Blemishes

[design by dylan christian allread]

The wind, the taxis, the lake, the bikes, the L – Chicago is a city of movement and energy. Wherever you go in this city you’ll most likely see or feel the L flying by. The L is more than a train system for us here – it is Chicagoans Connecting (L)ine – it is our (L)ifestyle. I find no better way to portray Chicago than to use the transit lines of the L as if they were ink.

I hope that you enjoy the design as much as I enjoyed creating it. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have at

OR head over to CHICAGO bLOOPrint and pre-order one.

An email inquiry I received…

We eating cereal from a bag
Looked at like we’re headed to the gallows
And the flush are picky with what they swallow
Eating their lucky charms, picking out just the mallows.

Beware of – dog crossed out – what you follow
Taking you to the depths or shallow
The treasure chest is not hallow
It’s hollow