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Monthly Archives: August 2011

We collide like atoms in a tank
Got all I ever wanted on the mattress
I’d never lock up what I have in a bank
Because the train travels over rocky graves
And sometimes my ramblings get caught on an awkward tongue
Slow motion on a road
The open beginning and the cliffs at the end
On a different coast
It’s so easy to push send
But I never liked the taste of a stamp
The message gets taken with the ebb
I’ll miss you until I don’t know
I’ll miss you until I don’t know when

Scribbling all my thoughts from light to dark – all across the page.

If you want to see something true – bigger than all the lakes.

Light a spark, and watch it fill the empty space.

The good things feel like how stir fry taste.

And when they come, don’t let ’em go.

Treat ’em like covering ’em in paste.

[ART is in TRAnsit; designs by dylan christian allread]

[The Original Remixed; design by dylan christian allread]

[WashingtonDC, designed by Dylan Christian Allread]

[designed by dylan christian allread / map of inspiration]

Do you take Comfort above a Safety Net or behind an Ambitious Bet?

Ain’t nothing changed after 17k views
B/C we got nothing to prove
Other than we like what we do
So I’m gonna promise you that’ll stay true
With good times we’ll fly
And with the years we’ll pile high
Memories, memories

All these stops signs, all this walking in single file line & all this nickle-n-dimed. We got eyes but why are we blind to the crime?

look how much you’ve grown – oh so oh so tall – brick after brick, stack after stack – back to back with a wall