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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Don’t occupy streets – occupy your mind and tear through adversity! There’s no quick fix to the personal, economic and social problems of today. Re-align your priorities to what you believe in, and lead a positive change. Power isn’t only in numbers, rather in creative & intelligent solutions. I challenge you, OCCUPY YOUR MIND and others will follow a powerful dream.


Four new t-shirts released today, October 4th!!!

shirts haven’t been posted in the store yet but feel free to email me for a link to purchase..

I don’t mind if I fall to the ground before I reach the sky

     If I know my heart’s in it.

I’m gonna try to fly.

     If my heart’s in it.

Gonna try after try.

     ‘Cause my heart’s in it.

If you’re in or around Chicago from now until the end of April 2012, then you should head to the Chicago Cultural Center (78 E Washington, Chicago, IL 60602) to check out the Write Now: Artists and Letterforms exhibit in the Chicago Rooms.  Below is a photo taken of myself [Dylan Christian Allread] at the opening reception on September 30th, 2011 alongside my Chicago bLOOPrint design.

[Chicago bLOOPrint, designed by Dylan Christian Allread]