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Monthly Archives: March 2012

I Will by DCA

for the winds i got a sail

for the rains i got a pail

and for the sun I will

take a second away from time – I will

stop looking for a sign – I will

in the end, get mine.


Heard (Cattle) by DCA

She says make love not war
But love can be a battle
Ad says got milk
I’m trying to be heard, cattle
When I’m in, it’s in the deep end
Never just dabbled
And when I’m up against the wall
Nothing has me rattled

The Tough by DCA

I look back when I was just a Kid
Life was a joke, just kidding
Around comes back around
I’m glad I now know whatsup
Why Grandma loved knitting
Games were a time to shine
Even if you weren’t Sheen, winning
When I’m feeling good
In the Cheeks holes are Doug, Funny, grinning
Take me back in time
To climb trees like the wildest dreams
Running around the house
If real life was the Cat
I’ve always been the Mouse
And the worse words ever
Tag your it
Life’s a glimpse
Nerf Gun to the head, all day in the sun
That was then, awhile since we were committed to one
Second, now the third planet has the limelight
Back in the day
When the spotlight wasn’t shining
We bent it like best friends
Jumping over fences
Infinity and Beyond was buzzing
The Bees and the Birds
Hashtag – real life is dead
I can hear the tweets circling my head
Like Vultures
Followers are stalkers
Strangers, aliens
ET phone your friends
Too soon comes the end
Truth or dare – Truth
You’d rather be Sonic? – Amen
I dare you to be not so Robotic – When you say jump I say when
And I reflect
On what I thought could be, it never was
They meant just it when every day they looked in my eye saying Good Luck
Now at twenty-some, I’m like what the
An idea ain’t an idea unless it’s worth a buck
What about Bambi, Disney
Man I’m feeling dizzy
I’m tired of the Rough
When will I wake up in the Fairway
When will I wake up from the Tough
When will enough be enough
When I find the love


[created using multiple fotos]