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Monthly Archives: October 2012

I’ve been running from all these ghosts for so long,

I don’t know if I believe in ’em no more.


Magnificent Adolescence
Filled with flight
Magnified time
Another silver lined second
Promised my mom
I’m not going to be just another
Fly on a Rod

Where would we be?
Who would we want to be?
If the mind could rewind
Step Outside
Three hundred sixty degrees
Of perspective lines
Infinite strings
Bridge the Gap
Of Relativity

What’s it take
To meet all of the demands
Every day
Separate truth from fake
Untie knotted hands
Oh the disparage
Of a desperate man
Compared to a heroine
Bridge the Gap
Between valour and timidity

Do you understand?
Movement from east to west
To mend
The tree lined roads
They curve and bend
While peaks rise up
Getting in the way
And to this day
Our valleys won’t drain
Bridge the Gap
Between Frank and Dead End

Bridge the Gap
Between Frank and Dead End

Bridge the Gap
Between Frank and Dead End

Happy is a Burden, smiling over there at me.
Closed are the curtains, at work are my dreams.

Truth or Dare
Pass or fail
Sea tortoise lives longer than the hare
Rain or Hail
Winners don’t shiver
Infinite means time can’t – always be fair
Mom said dont slouch, stand up
Look eye to eye in the mirror
Dont pout, chin up
No Fear
Cool, Calm & Collected
I stand taller – than the dreams
I built with my erector set