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Monthly Archives: November 2012

She said,
“What do you think of the sight,
the sky full of meteorite.
It’s good seeing sights,
landscapes, and cities,
walking streets and bench sitting.
With you – and me to your right.”


The sun, the day, the ice, our fate.
We’re all waiting on it to break.

I am what I can
Sorry if you’re not a thumbs up
Or a plus one kind of fan
Hype and trends are swept away
Like a wave hitting the writing in the sand.
The past is dust, the present is enough, the future is what’s up.

A thousand thoughts, where is my pen?
A thousand brave acts, what is my name?
It feels surreal – even when I get to ten
Jolly as a Rancher
Now, where is the rain?
I thought I had the answer
Plug the drain
A few drinks later and tomorrow came
With water soaked shoes
It all came crashing down
Like Jenga with one turn of the Rubik’s Cube