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Monthly Archives: April 2013

The rain has us all by the reins.

Afterall, the rain will reign supreme.

Even when it falls, the rain reigns supreme.

– Signed with floods of love from the rain, to all below the rain.


Throw a fastball
Next they’ll want you to curve it
Don’t be too embarrassed if you fall
We’re not perfect
Yeah y’all – it’s not all pretty, it can be dull
And sometimes a daydream
Can break you out of a lull
Shifting on the ten speed
Like pushing fast forward after pause
And we got you saying
‘What in the World Just Happened’
Kind of like the reaction
The Indians sold ‘Manna-Hattin’
For half of a fifty dollar bill?


What happens when clouds collide
Do they make a sound
Ideas misplaced
Rest turns to sleep
1800 Dreams
Clouds collide
The skies sing
Viral Melodies
Hearts skip a ring
The Oaks miss the Spring
And scripts of fear paint the wall
In the breeze the branches lean
The sky looks like its about to Fall
This Year – There Won’t Be A Summer

Watch the pot and the pendulum
Get hypnotized
Thoughts fly, jump right in
Sailor dive
The top, it’ll spin
Until the count of alive
Times are selfish
Can I catch a ride?