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(location: Chicago, IL; 23km; time: around 1hr45min; our own parade on the shore of the lake)


CLICK, CLICK, CLICK Ciccarelli Photography/Brooklyn Betty Photo Shoot to check out brooklyn betty shots from this weekend!

Thanks Ciccarelli Photography!

although it was rough

not a second went by i didn’t love

thanks to up above

the two week notice was just enough

[First Marathon Complete.  For the results oriented folks, I completed the 26.2 miles in 3hours 44minutes 52seconds; about an 8minute 35second average pace per mile and top 15%.  Most importantly I loved every part of the race and had a blast! Thanks everyone for all the support!!!]

(taken on the blackberry; dylan allread)

For the businessman, kid and/or slouch
Betty’s got that hat that’s wicked
So get up off your couch
And get your head fitted
By Joseph Banks
Cause these won’t last a minute
21 bills for a flat bill, thanks!

The Brooklyn Betty New Era 59fifty flat bill, The DUMBO Limited Edition

(Digital Design Only, New Era is currently producing it; Artwork by Forest Allread;CLICK ON IT to see it a little bigger)

(photography and editing: dylan allread)

Once again, Forest Allread on the artwork. Brooklyn Betty bridges the gap between fantasy and reality. Don’t mean to tease…but that sneak peek of the next Short-Sleeve Tee….currently shopping around for a shop to print them

Erik grew up in Columbus, Ohio, but currently lives in Chicago. He warmly believes beauty resides in the near, the far, the light, the dark, the easy, as well as the hard.

Take a seat behind Erik’s eyes,

And read what makes him fly.

The inspiration behind Erik’s works in his words, “Photography is a separate world that I can enter. I can create something that has meaning to myself and opens the minds of others. I want someone to look at my work and think. Not only do I want it to be aesthetically pleasing. I want others to take a glimpse into another mind. These images give me a feeling of comfort. I want to be able to take a step back and realize what’s inside that rectangle hole.

Trying to find something to shoot isn’t what I’m going for; I’m edging towards creating a feeling of excitement and imagination. I want to take these simplistic things and force them to feel released onto the page. Take them out of their world and give them a new way of being viewed.

Displaying these images is something I didn’t need to think about. If I’m shooting simple, why not present simple? So I did just that. I like the idea of being able to approach these images and not be afraid of what you see but wonder why its there….”

erik’s blog

(photographs in this post taken by Erik Ciccarelli)

(artist, fza, forest allread)