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(photos, dylan allread)


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you all know i enjoy writing and i hope my writings are enjoyed by you as well. chicago scores is putting on a poetry slam and it will no doubt be a great time. chicago scores is an organization whose mission is to eradicate illiteracy and obesity through poetry and soccer. i’m donating, it’d be cool if you chose to donate as well. once again thanks for your time and support. donate/attend, help our city out!


I know it has been awhile; Forest has been busy with higher learning, and I’ve been busy with work/riding/traveling gathering the goods to keep brooklyn betty going. Well this is going to be on the second t and will again be on American Apparel Cotton. Image will just be on the front. We will have a sketch up of the t (how it will look printed) in no time. Throw me an email at if you have any questions or think you’ll want one. paint the sidewalks and streets unique, wear a brooklyn betty t

orange(forest allread)

east(forest allread)

regal(forest allread)

red(forest allread)


(dylan allread)

it was a coincidence but i like the motion blur (she’s the redhead on top of the taxi). took place in union square and i named it miss samantha blur.  i got this blownup as a 12×18 print and it looks unreal!

the bridge

(picture taken by dylan allread)

panda man 1

where’s panda

panda man

(pictures taken by dylan allread)

a truck near the union square area in ny (picture taken by dylan allread)

present truck

picture, some super secret magic and boom! here it is a few hundred years old

100 year old truck

appa the dancing elephant is an Artistic expression for friendly, open communication.  i felt like i had to get the word out on appa.  saw this dancing elephant in manhattan, and have yet to see it in chicago. when i get my stickers, appa and chicago will be formally introduced. go to to learn more!


i was just in new york, stayed in manhattan with a great friend, and was able to get some great photos. since this blog is new i’ll keep it simple, one pic at a time. some street art


(picture taken by dylan allread)