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If I could go back, I’d buy a DSLR before I went to Maui, Kauai and the Big Island


Once again, Forest Allread on the artwork. Brooklyn Betty bridges the gap between fantasy and reality. Don’t mean to tease…but that sneak peek of the next Short-Sleeve Tee….currently shopping around for a shop to print them

This post is for those that stick to their values, right the ship after every wreck, call them giants, Soul Food, S.F. will be worth the trek

(photographs taken by dylan allread)

(photos taken by dylan allread)

(artist, fza, forest allread)

“what’s good is bad, what’s bad is good, you’ll find out when you reach the top, you’re on the bottom” – bob dylan

“if you’re after getting the honey then you don’t go killing all the bees” – joe strummer

“To be honest, I work best when people doubt me….Actually, if you see me, tell me I’m wack. That’s the best thing you can do for me” – andre3000

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you all know i enjoy writing and i hope my writings are enjoyed by you as well. chicago scores is putting on a poetry slam and it will no doubt be a great time. chicago scores is an organization whose mission is to eradicate illiteracy and obesity through poetry and soccer. i’m donating, it’d be cool if you chose to donate as well. once again thanks for your time and support. donate/attend, help our city out!


(photos taken by dylan allread)

to hit up them mountains. i wish the alps but colorado rockies, you are my friend.

(photos, dylan allread)