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(photo, dylan allread; the first thing that you will notice when you step out of the train station in copenhagen, dk is that everyone bikes! bike racks are by the dozen and they are all filled with what people in the usa would think of a mess. however, danes probably wouldn’t beleive the parking structures we have for our car, or that americans, at times, drive a few blocks down the street. i think i counted close to a hundred people on bikes at one stop light. AND the bike lanes have their own turn lanes. biking works in copenhagen, but i don’t think it’ll ever work here like it does there. )


I know it has been awhile; Forest has been busy with higher learning, and I’ve been busy with work/riding/traveling gathering the goods to keep brooklyn betty going. Well this is going to be on the second t and will again be on American Apparel Cotton. Image will just be on the front. We will have a sketch up of the t (how it will look printed) in no time. Throw me an email at if you have any questions or think you’ll want one. paint the sidewalks and streets unique, wear a brooklyn betty t

(photos, dylan allread; copenhagen bakeries, the best)

(photo, dylan allread; This is a snapshot of the taps at a patio pub in the Nyhavn district of Copenhagen. Nyhavn is on the waterfront, with a canal that splits two streets of colorful lined town homes, storefronts and pubs/restaurants. It is a great place to walk around with historic style ships in the canal, and if you’re fortunate enough you can grab a sandwich and drink from one of the restaurants for a hefty coin. Then again you’re probably on vacation and carrying around close to a hundred dollars in “change” so go for it! If you’re in Europe Norway is obviously a must, but hit up Denmark sometime and if so to Copenhagen and check out the Nyhavn district.)

I was on the ferry through the fjords with great people and no one put their camera down for more than a second. I usually do not like taking pictures of other people taking pictures but there is something different about this one. Enjoy!

photo shoot

(photo, dylan allread)


(photo, dylan allread; A statue of Theodore Roosevelt overlooking the harbor in Oslo, Norway. I was surprised to run into him in Oslo, then again he did win the The Nobel Peace Prize back in 1906. I could live with the view.)

(photos, dylan allread; I landed in Oslo after a rough full night flight from Newark, NJ; First Class on Continental Airlines. Well twenty minutes of the flight was bumpy from turbulence, but I enjoyed the other nine hours of fine dining finished off with an any-way-you-want it sundae, watching movies, and sleeping fully laid out. Initially I was on my own and I would meet my buddy in Copenhagen after a four day adventure in Oslo, Bergen, and other small towns of Norway. It’s funny when i go on these trips, I fly the best and then live almost homeless while over in the country. I wouldn’t have it any other way though, because I like the excitement of having to find a hostel, train, station, or airport to sleep in. AND so much more can get accomplished when doing it this way; it almost seems like I am able to push pause on the clock, turning eight days into sixteen. After a full day of Oslo culture immersion, wandering the streets, conversing with people, tasting the foods and the drinks, hearing the tunes, etc., I found a hostel to stay only a ten minute walk from the train station. There I made friends with a student from Poland who was there on Holiday. We went out to get a beer and see some sites, including the Opera House. On our trip back we ran into what is pictured here. A back alley field where the youth of Norway rock out to the early hours of the morning. The graffiti caught our attention, and as we walked closer we noticed the “monster puppet” and the “saucer.” It was a different scene and we were only bummed that we were not there to witness it in LIVE action.)

go rilla

(photo, dylan allread)

in the alley

(photo, dylan allread; taken in bergen, norway in a back alley just to the northeast of the fish market. i enjoyed walking through down the narrow cobblestone streets and this wooden platform alleyway)


(photo dylan allread; on my last day in bergen, norway I decided to take a hike to the top of a ridge. I couldn’t read many of the norwegian signs but just kept on going. I think it said the vertical elevation was 500 meters and from the length of the trip it seemed about 10 – 15 kilometers. It wasn’t raining when I started but when I was close to the top wind, fog and rain rolled in. I picked up the pace and reached the end of the trail just in time to see nothing but fog. I can only imagine the views on a clear day, although it does rain a significant number of days in bergen. I took this photo on the hike, and even with the wind, rain and fog it was a wonderful day)