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through the roof.

I like to climb to the roof, with my eyes set – gorilla glue, on mountains and pines, oh what a view. Snowflakes drown into the ground, so high it’ll eclipse the moon. And All I want is to fiiiiind that I’ll be with you.

All you need
Is a shovel and a pail
A mast and a sail
And a magic trick.

Two fangs & a mohawk

Airplanes fly overhead

Sidestepping sidewalk chalk

Breaker Breaker echoes on the walkie-talk

And you’re lying in bed

what is it you dream of
what does it take
to take off
what is it you are made of
what does it take
to take off

When dreams meet the perils, soldier through and collect the pearls.

been away

like long gone traveling along

changing like the beats and melodies

of an instant classic song

and the photos are telling me I have to get back away

from unlasting days

they’re all saying a guy needs to move away to Paraguay

So Excited I’m Snoring

giving up something, whatsup nothing.


[created using multiple fotos]